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Paramore by Nigel Crane. 


thanks God

They’re seriously such a sexy band

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People always ask me what my favorite Paramore song is, and tbh, THIS is one of my most favorites at any moment. It is awesome and dark and perfect.

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Under no circumstance is bullying okay. You should all understand that by now if you are a Paramore fan - if you can’t grasp that concept, you need to leave because Paramore thrives on the community they’ve built made of love and support.

I’ve experienced my own cyber-bullying - and I want to…

This is just wrong. Under no circumstances should one person bully another over the privileges they’ve been given and the things they’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. These people should not be calling themselves fans if they can’t accept others. Saying “that’s just how it is in this fandom” and then doing nothing about it is also wrong because that’s not gonna change anything. You shouldn’t just accept it because its just letting people do and say what they want. Bullying isn’t something that should be accepted in this fanbase and claiming that it’s “just my opinion” is awful. There is a massive difference between having an opinion and straight up being horrible. If your opinion is offensive and aimed at someone then you should keep it to yourself. I’ve tweeted about this on twitter since Hayley follows the account i co-own so hopefully she sees this and reacts to it. 

The Paramore family is the place where I first found acceptance.

I’m constantly amazed by the people in this fanbase. Among them are some of the funniest, wisest and kindest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Sadly, not all the people in this fanbase amaze me in a positive way. Instead, I’m amazed by the hatred that exudes from their bodies, and the filthy insults that seems to slide off their tongue with such ease.

I’ve never understood why someone would willingly want to hurt another human being, why a stranger would tell another person that they should kill themselves, or anonymously send hateful messages.

This fanbase isn’t full of saints. It’s full of human beings, and as human beings, we have the right to make mistake and the tendency to say things that we will soon learn to regret. We’ll never be perfect, and we’re not all going to get along, but the least we can do is keep things friendly or keep our opinions off the internet.

Instead, some fans feel as though it’s appropriate to send hateful messages to other fans (more often than not those who are in a better situation than they are). And it’s not right.

Think of what Paramore stands for, what they’ve been trying to teach us for the past ten years with their music, and their quotes, and their own stage speeches. It’s love. Love others, love yourself, love what you stand for… And if you don’t appreciate those values, then why be a fan of a band that reps the topic so hard?